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Rock It 3.0 (Black)

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 As Seen on ABC's hit show "Shark Tank" and countless other publications around the world. The Rock-It 3.0 portable vibration speaker system takes music from your device and turns it into vibration sequences. It sends those vibrations through the Rock-It pod which sticks to ANY object. Simply press play on your device and the Rock-It will turn that object into a speaker!
Newly updated Rock-It 3.0 Features :
-  Turn any object, yes literally ANYTHING into a speaker
-  Built in rechargeable lithium ion battery that will provide 10+ hours of play time
-  Daisy chain capability: The more and more you connect..the louder and louder they get!
-  Volume control: Now you can adjust the volume of your music right from the Rock-It
-  One flat side: It won't roll off your table or desk
-  Locking mechanism: The Rock-It now will lock in place when you're not using it
-  Perfect for: Traveling, the office, around the house, and anywhere else you want to ROCK IT!
  -  The more hollow the object the better the sound quality you will get 
-  Amaze your friends and family with this revolutionary way to listen to your music
-  Works with ANY device that has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack: iPods, iPhones, Droids,  laptops, blackberrys, etc.
-  Size: 1 x 2.5 inches
Works Great On: Carboard boxes, appliances, coolers, drawers, cups, bowls, lamp shades, tupperware, file cabinets and much much more!
Product Includes: Rock-It 3.0 unit with built in rechargeable battery, extra sticky pads, and a USB charging cable


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